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Black Boys Leadership Alliance for Change (B-BLAC) is a collective of minority leaders and innovators providing support through strategic programming for underrepresented Black and Brown male youth.

To address the disparities and injustices caused and exacerbated by racism, B-BLAC is designed to encourage Black and Brown male youth through transformative initiatives that will foster profound discourse and reset social norms.

B-BLAC's social service initiatives are designed to help Black and Brown male youth grow and thrive as leaders of their generation to create a more just and inclusive society.



B-BLAC's mission is to provide supportive services through training, educational, professional, and networking opportunities to at-risk Black and Brown male youth ages 9 to 24.


B-BLAC envisions empowered Black and Brown male youth (ages 9-24) thriving as leaders, bridging societal racial disparities. Through innovative, holistic support services and transformative initiatives in underserved NYC communities, we inspire and facilitate personal and communal growth, maintaining roots in New York City and growing to a national level.

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Our Core Beliefs and Values are the guiding principles we use to foster our culture and program strategies. Our values are crucial in informing our programmatic focus and overall strategic approach. 

BENEVOLENCE:  We believe in the power of goodwill and in promoting the welfare of others.

BOLDNESS: We believe in taking considered risks to show our commitment to those we serve and using these innovations to challenge the status quo.

LEADERSHIP: We value strong and transparent governance fueled by teamwork and inclusion that will empower our community.

ADVOCACY: We advocate for inclusion, equity, and equality for Black and Brown boys and young men.

COMMUNITY: We believe in a strong alliance of world-class leaders and innovators who believe in creating lasting impacts that will drive our community forward.

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The goal — is the dignity of the black man in America. He wants respect as the human being. He wants recognition as a human being.
 — Malcolm X
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