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Racism, inequality, and limited access to opportunities continue to plague People of Color, specifically Black and Brown men.

B-BLAC was established to respond to the continuing surge in incarceration and police brutality affecting these communities and to reaffirm their purpose by creating a foundation for Black and Brown Excellence through male empowerment and achievement.

Founder Jevone Andy was moved by his experience as a Black immigrant who faced the grating challenges of adapting to life in America, where centuries of racist attitudes and policies had erected systems of oppression that seem insurmountable to many young Black and Brown men. After navigating these barriers with the help of invaluable friends and mentors, Andy saw the need for new ways to address these issues. 

   Andy hopes that B-BLAC will remind Black and Brown men that they are far more than mere candidates for incarceration, instead empowering them by providing a community of support, an alliance with passionate trailblazers, and a family without judgment.



From the brutal epidemic of 2020 came B-BLAC.

In the Spring of 2020, the seeds of our vision burst into an urgent movement to empower and support Black and Brown men.  George Floyd's death, which fueled protests across the United States, blatantly exposed systemic racism and its impact on Black and Brown people in America. Mass incarceration, police brutality, healthcare, and education disparities are some of the issues that sprung protests and cries for equity, equality, accountability, and the need for policies that eliminate the oppression of Black and Brown people, specifically Black men. 

Inspired by the resilience and display of community from the protests across New York City, founder Jevone Andy allied with friends to form an organization as necessary as air: B-BLAC. 

The probability of being black, unarmed, and shot by police is about 3.5 times the probability of being white, unarmed, and shot by police on average.

Black males are three times more likely to die from gun violence than graduate college.

George Floyd Rally Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn 2020

Police brutality and racist Criminal justice practices are viruses that kill Black men! 


B-BLAC Launch Event 2021

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