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Building through Brotherhood!

BULA focuses on Black and Brown male youth ages 9-24 and is a year-long initiative providing participants with in-school and out-of-school time support. Young men enrolled in BULA are part of a brotherhood. The program fashions a brotherhood society centered on Brotherhood, Unity, Leadership, and Academia. Program participants participate in community rituals and induction; all young men enrolled in the academy earn the title of Brother. 

The program involves B-BLAC staff partnering with professionals from various sectors to offer intensive training and support on entrepreneurship, vocational education, and personal development. Out-of-school support involves participants receiving assistance with college and financial aid applications, college tours, career planning, and free group and individualized tutoring throughout the school year. Participants also engage in summer youth employment, internships, camps, hiking, and field trips.


Pathways Readiness: Brothers receive practical guidance with college/vocational school application and preparation. Brothers are guided with college essay writing, resume building, scholarship and financial aid applications, and college advisement. Brothers also participate in college tours, trips, and conferences.   

Bond to Build: The academy focuses on creating opportunities for Brothers to build alliances and community with each other through activities that create safe spaces. Through camping and hiking events, Brothers engage and interact in intimate settings that facilitate trust, rapport, and authenticity without fear, intimidation, or judgment. These day and overnight activities allow urban youth to enjoy and explore the outdoors. Other activities include sporting events, Broadway shows, and community engagement events. 

Brothers receive group and individualized mentorship through our Boys Need MENTORS initiative.  The mentorship initiative places mentees at the center of the mentorship relationship, empowering mentees to interview and select mentors aligned with their personal and professional goals.

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This historical course is designed to engage and empower at-risk young black males by delving into the rich history of hip-hop culture, exploring its four foundational elements, and harnessing the power of artistic expression as a means of positive transformation and empowerment. 



The academy accepts enrollment applications on a rolling basis. If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the enrollment form or contact
There is no enrollment cost!


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